Folders & Labels For Each MAX Solution

Folder Sizes Available:

V based – most popular
1 inch box bottom
2 inch box bottom
3 inch box bottom

Open Shelving Or Rotary Cabinet:

  • Installs directly on to shelf
  • Most economical, most popular
  • Snap together folders to maintain alignment & organization
  • 3 year Warranty from manufacturer

Wooden Shelving:

  • Folders hang on rail system installed in wooden shelving
  • Folders holds up to 25 pounds each
  • Snap together folders to maintain alignment & organization
  • 10 year Warranty from manufacturer


  • Attached to each folder is a 6 inch heavy duty label holder which allows for easy to read flexible indexing.
  • Labels are printed for FREE from Music Filing Solutions
  • Labels printed in max font size for easiest reading
  • Each label can contain:
    •   File #
    •   Titles
    •   Composers or Arranger
    •   Voicings
  • Optional: Color Coded Labels for Genre Indexing


eMail an excel spreadsheet of the labels to be printed to: 
Include a column for each indexing item to be printed